What's Cookin'?

Easy Campfire Meal Ideas Using Fresh Herbs

Our easy campfire meal ideas feature fresh ingredients from our herb garden! The last thing you want to do after a Long Beach day (pun intended) is spend a ton of time cooking. These three recipes are time and ingredient conscious, you bring the staples, our herb garden will provide the rest! 

Campfire Grilled Caprese Sandwiches




Bread – we recommend sourdough! 

Freshly picked basil 

For  Garnish 

Balsamic or olive oil to drizzle 


  1. Pick Basil from the garden
  2. Slice Tomatoes and Mozzarella
  3. Layer Ingredients between two slices of bread 
  4. Drizzle contents with Balsamic or olive oil
  5. Toast carefully on a covered grill or seasoned cast iron skillet – add butter, ghee or olive oil to the outside of bread to achieve that beautiful golden color. 

Lemon and Sage Campfire Chicken 


Chicken – breast, thighs, whatever you prefer! 

Lemon juice

Freshly picked sage 

1 Tablespoon olive oil

Salt & pepper 


Heavy duty tin foil


  1. Combine ingredients in large zip top bag or container
  2. Let marinade for 1 hour or overnight
  3. Start the fire! Or grill, whatever you prefer 
  4. Cook directly on campfire grill, or wrap in foil and throw on the coals until internal thermometer reaches 165 degrees. Actual cooking time depends on method and type of chicken. Your choice, your cooking rules! 

Campfire Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Chives



Diced ham

Cheese – your choice!

Zip top bag 

Freshly picked chives


Before you head out:

  1.  scramble eggs in a medium bowl
  2. Add diced up ham and your preferred cheese 
  3. Pour contents into large zip top bag 

At camp: 

  1. Pick chives and add to bag 
  2. Boil a large pot of water
  3. Add bag to water for about 10-15 minutes, or until eggs turn light yellow. 
  4. Serve the light and fluffy eggs and toss the bag! 
  5. Garnish with extra chives on top

We’re feeling inspired to cook with our fresh herb garden and these recipes we dreamed up sound amazing to us! We definitely plan on testing them out and posting pictures before the end of the summer. Let us know if you try them too. If you want to share, you know where to find us, @TheLampCamp.