Five Budget Friendly Fall Activities in Long Beach, WA

Have you considered a coastal Fall road trip? I know what you’re thinking—why visit the coast in the Fall? The water is too cold for swimming—actually it’s too cold and rough most of the year for swimming. And it will be rainy, right?

Wrong! Fall is the peninsula’s best kept secret! With less crowded campsites and more opportunities to get outdoors, Fall is calling your name. 


Fall foliage is best seen in our coastal woodland wonderland. Hike your way through hidden coves and natural forest paths at any of our four state parks. Avid birder? Our forests attract all types of species during this autumn season. 

  • Cape Disappointment State Park
  • Fort Columbia State Park
  • Leadbetter Point State Park
  • Willapa National Wildlife Refuge


The peninsula is great for beach bike rides or even right down main street. Take an afternoon and rent some bikes from one of our two favorite shops in town – Beachin’ Bicycles or Long Beach Bicycles. From there, we encourage you to take a leisurely ride on the 8-mile long paved Discovery Trail. The Discovery trail stretches all the way from Port of IIwaco down to North Long Beach. 

Razor Clamming

This year the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife announced a record number of dig dates for this Fall season. Not sure what razor clamming is? No worries! Our visitor center has a variety of educational pieces for you or you can visit us during the The Razor Clam Festivaland get a free clam digging lesson from our local experts. Just be sure to get your clam digging license ahead of time!

Lighthouse + Whale Watching 

You can’t go to the coast without visiting a lighthouse! Thankfully for us, we have two for you to check out during your trip. First, you must go see the North Head Lighthouse, which was recently restored! This lighthouse was completed in 1898 and was used then & now to guide mariners approaching from the North. The second and most famous of the two would be the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. This architectural beauty was constructed in 1848 due to a vast number of shipwrecks due to dense fog that accumulates in the low tide areas. After its completion this 53-foot masterpiece still stands tall today and is a perfect place to spot a whale or two in the early mornings.  

Museums & Historical Sites 

Are you a history buff? Guests all around travel to the Long Beach Peninsula for their rich history. Many of these museums end up being packed during the Summer season, but you are in luck! During Fall you will be able to experience these sought after spots in a more intimate setting. We recommend the The Lewis and Clark Museum, Cranberry Museum, and Middle Village-Station Camp. Also, don’t forget Marsh’s Free Museum, where you can see sideshow style attractions such as an eight-legged lamb, full-sized Wildebeest, and Jake the Alligator Man. This is a perfect rainy-day activity! 

There’s so much to see and do on the Oregon Coast. Check back as we add more tips for your Oregon Coast fall adventure.


Seven Stop Pacific Northwest Road Trip

Our Seven Stop Pacific Northwest Road Trip incorporates must-see and unexpected Pacific Northwest  destinations. Planning your trip with will be such a breeze. 

  1. Yosemite National Park: Everyone can agree the Redwood Forest is a must-see, right? We think starting a PNW road trip around San Francisco gives you the full experience, Yosemite is just three hours east of San Francisco. The Mariposa Grove is Yosemite’s largest redwood forest, home to giant sequoias. 
  2. Crater Lake, Oregon: Known for having some of the purest water in the world. Crater Lake is famous for its clarity and bright blue color. Views are beyond breathtaking.  Be sure to stop at two of the most popular attractions, Phantom Ship Overlook and Pumice Castle Overlook.
  3. Bend, Oregon: There’s SO MUCH to do in this small town. Old Mill District, Bend Ale Trail, Roundabout Art Route Tour, jeep tours, helicopter tours. Theres’ also great restaurants and amazing views. Bend can cater to any kind of traveler, it’s a great place to stop on a PNW road trip. 
  4. John Day Fossil Beds National Monument: We think this stop is especially fun for geography and history buffs. John Day Fossil Beds are a fun stop to bring kids and take advantage of the learning opportunity. This National Park is also beautiful so charge the DSLR, you’ll be sorry you didn’t. 
  5. Long Beach, Washington: This town is truly a hidden gem. Home to the world’s longest beach. We stayed at The Lamp Camp and would recommend it to everyone! An amazing campground with amenities, right on the beach in the center of everything. Be sure to look into Camping at the Lamp at this stop. Once again, this town has something for every type of traveler. Long Beach is a little quirky and eclectic. There’s museums, golfing, pickleball, beach activities, great restaurants and breweries, live music and yoga. They really have it all. Our friends at The Lamp Camp shared some of their favorite spots in town to check out, you won’t be steered wrong. 
  6. Olympic National Park: This park has a ton to do! Wildlife viewing, day hikes, tide pooling, night sky programs, ranger led programs. Be sure to check outthe website to see all the things to do and important notes about closures. If you enjoy exploring the outdoors, you’re going to LOVE this park. 
  7. San Juan Islands: This stop is going to require the most planning, but it’s your final stop and it’s worth any trouble. Really though, the process is simple with a little coordination. You’re going to take a ferryfrom Anacortes, WA. San Juan offers whale tours, hiking, kayaking, boating, fishing, spas, wineries, brewiries, great dining and events. Be sure to check out the Visit San Juan website to be sure you’re taking in everything the islands have to offer. 

We hope you enjoy this Road Trip we mapped out. Be sure to share with us by tagging @thelampcamp! 


Long Beach: Itinerary

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Welcome to Long Beach, WA! Spend your stay with us visiting some of our favorite spots. We hope you love this town as much as we do! 

Whether you’re looking to walk the beaches Washington coast, to forage for tasty mushrooms, to dig for razor clams, check out some local music, or try some coastal cuisine, the peninsula has plenty of activities to offer.

When we aren’t at The Lamp Camp, you can generally find us biking the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail, hiking to one of the peninsula’s famous lighthouses, checking out some local music or playing pickleball down the street at The Lighthouse Resort.


  • Pizza – North Beach Tavern. They also have great live music
  • Burgers  – The Cove at the golf course has the best burger in town!
  • Sandwiches / Cheesesteaks – Surfer Sands bakes homemade bread daily. Enough said, right?
  • Ethnic Food – Malai Thai


The best breakfast comes off the grill at The Lamp Camp!



 North Jetty Brewing has great beer and they are friends of ours! 


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  • The Lewis and Clark Museum – Learn about westward journey of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. 
  • Marsh’s Free Museum is Long Beach staple has been around for 100+ years. They have taxidermies and oddities all over the walls, with souvenirs scattered throughout the store. We love it! Be sure to check out Jake the Alligator Man.
  • World Kite Museum – Home of the Washington State International Kite Festival | Aug. 19th – Aug. 25th


The peninsula has a wide range of events and festivals throughout the year. Here are a few of our favorites:List

We hope you enjoy some of our local favorites! For a comprehensive guide to the Long Beach Peninsula, check out the Long Beach Visitors Webpage.

What's Cookin'?

Easy Campfire Meal Ideas Using Fresh Herbs

Our easy campfire meal ideas feature fresh ingredients from our herb garden! The last thing you want to do after a Long Beach day (pun intended) is spend a ton of time cooking. These three recipes are time and ingredient conscious, you bring the staples, our herb garden will provide the rest! 

Campfire Grilled Caprese Sandwiches




Bread – we recommend sourdough! 

Freshly picked basil 

For  Garnish 

Balsamic or olive oil to drizzle 


  1. Pick Basil from the garden
  2. Slice Tomatoes and Mozzarella
  3. Layer Ingredients between two slices of bread 
  4. Drizzle contents with Balsamic or olive oil
  5. Toast carefully on a covered grill or seasoned cast iron skillet – add butter, ghee or olive oil to the outside of bread to achieve that beautiful golden color. 

Lemon and Sage Campfire Chicken 


Chicken – breast, thighs, whatever you prefer! 

Lemon juice

Freshly picked sage 

1 Tablespoon olive oil

Salt & pepper 


Heavy duty tin foil


  1. Combine ingredients in large zip top bag or container
  2. Let marinade for 1 hour or overnight
  3. Start the fire! Or grill, whatever you prefer 
  4. Cook directly on campfire grill, or wrap in foil and throw on the coals until internal thermometer reaches 165 degrees. Actual cooking time depends on method and type of chicken. Your choice, your cooking rules! 

Campfire Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Chives



Diced ham

Cheese – your choice!

Zip top bag 

Freshly picked chives


Before you head out:

  1.  scramble eggs in a medium bowl
  2. Add diced up ham and your preferred cheese 
  3. Pour contents into large zip top bag 

At camp: 

  1. Pick chives and add to bag 
  2. Boil a large pot of water
  3. Add bag to water for about 10-15 minutes, or until eggs turn light yellow. 
  4. Serve the light and fluffy eggs and toss the bag! 
  5. Garnish with extra chives on top

We’re feeling inspired to cook with our fresh herb garden and these recipes we dreamed up sound amazing to us! We definitely plan on testing them out and posting pictures before the end of the summer. Let us know if you try them too. If you want to share, you know where to find us, @TheLampCamp.